it’s been a year darling,
what are you doing here?

he has kind eyes and a gait that
is unsure, uncertain but fills me
with a steady reassurance.

i am finished with feeling wounded,
it is time for the scars to heal and
the sun to shine bright on me

because i deserve it. i deserve a
love that is unfaltering, unwavering,
full of earnest and true intentions.

life is complicated, our hearts cannot
always conquer, our hearts cannot always
go on.

what did you expect darling, that i would
be waiting? it’s been a year now,
leave me be.


if you could be anywhere else
would you still stay;

avec moi, mon amour.

wander through the strings
of this mind, the corners
of these elbows and the
fragile courting of fear.

mon amour, mon amour.
chérie, où vas-tu?

eyes like night and the smile
rare as a shooting star,
where have you gone, love?

où avez-vous passé et
comment puis-je vous
faire rester?

(where have you gone and
how do i make you stay?)

18-10-2012; i

there is a strength,

how now, the tears
fall from the stars and
the captured become

doused in bravery.

(where are the cowards,
with tongues of silver
lagging over crooked
stones and guarded

there is a weakness,

there are broken bones
and graphite stuttering
over fingertips. concave,

ribs crumble in the dirt
of our victors;

there is a strength.



we stand, running on pure
bliss that our hearts don’t
bleed and beat like empty

drums (i followed my shadow
into the darkness,

i followed you, coward
to where you took
my soul)

buried under the sand,
buried under the concrete,
tears are cracking the
fissures and locking

elbows into violent
submission. feeling the
powder and the bruises
of you ripping this skeleton

with bare hands( with
swollen tongues.


would you stand, on fences
of silk and feet balanced on
uncertainty until the cannons

until your lips turned blue in
the sulphur and your eyes
flickered in response to your
stuttering heart?

watch for the demons, the
people with fears taunting them,
watch for the ghouls tearing
themselves out of blemished skin

and watch for me, lover, boy
of ebony and ivory. you have
this burdened heart as i have
yours and they dance in the pale light

but would you wait, love;
will you wait for me?

Hello World!

So this is my very first post of my shiny, bit of everything blog. Things are very exciting. I write, do, think a whole range of things. Poetry can be found here and here. I phototake and that can be found here – That I do not update regularly enough!  I also write as a freelancer and I can be found here and here. I do lots of other bits and pieces that shall appear here in the future!