it’s been a year darling,
what are you doing here?

he has kind eyes and a gait that
is unsure, uncertain but fills me
with a steady reassurance.

i am finished with feeling wounded,
it is time for the scars to heal and
the sun to shine bright on me

because i deserve it. i deserve a
love that is unfaltering, unwavering,
full of earnest and true intentions.

life is complicated, our hearts cannot
always conquer, our hearts cannot always
go on.

what did you expect darling, that i would
be waiting? it’s been a year now,
leave me be.


incarnate, the lungs of devils
and demons of frozen underworlds
and parallel dimensions bleed,

breathing in fire and choking
on the dust of their greying
bones. gone, the earth moves
from colour to bleak.

look harder, for the stars that
shine at dusk whilst the gods
make their way home. whilst
jupiter hides behind the moon.

hush, darling child of eve and
hercules, the shadows are
coming for you and you must
be bold.